You might call her Mom, Mommy, Momma, Ma or Mum, but a rose by any other name smells just as sweet.  She’s your mother and May 12 - Mother’s Day - is her special day, a great time to show her just how much you love and appreciate her.   


 Harmony Behrer, 8, Drea Hill, 8, and Victoria Southern, 12, shared a few thoughts about their mothers when I recently visited them at Girls Inc.


 What kind of little girl do you think your mom was?  “She was probably a really fun kid who liked to play outside and get dirty,” said Drea. “My mom told me when she was a teenager she had glasses and braces and everybody made fun of her,” said Harmony.  “I’m pretty sure she was athletic…and very friendly because she likes to talk so much to everyone she meets…she’s very kind hearted,” said Victoria.


 What ingredients would you use if you were making a recipe for the perfect mom?  “Love, faith, hope and love for Jesus,” said Harmony.  “Love, respect, happiness, and hope,” added Victoria.


 Drea shared an example of how moms and dads are different.  “Like you ask, ‘Can I get my ears pierced?’ and she says ‘No.’”  “Then you ask your dad and he says, ‘What did your mom say?’”


 Ever wonder how your mom might be different at work than home?  Victoria said her mom, who is a computer software technician, spends “practically all day at her laptop doing credit card machines and all kinds of high tech stuff.”  When she gets home, she cooks, washes the dishes and watches TV.  But, the most important thing her mom does -- “She cares for me.  She’s there for everything.”


 Harmony agreed, “She loves me.  If I’m hurt, she takes care of me and if I’m sick, she does, too.”


 So, what about this special day we celebrate our mothers?  Why do you think we do that?  “To show them how much we love them,” said Drea.  “It’s a happy day for them.”  She remembers a special breakfast that she made for her mom.  “We had our dad help us because we had no idea how to make pancakes.” 


 Harmony says her mom’s two favorite things that she’s received for Mother’s Day are a necklace “that has a shadow of a mom and a shadow of a kid” and a bottle of perfume because “she gets stressed a lot and that helps her.”


 Victoria is planning a trip to the Mall to pick out a special gift for her mom. “Hopefully, I’ll be able to hide it from her,” she said with a smile.  “Hopefully, it will be a surprise.”


Celebrate! Show your mom how much you love her